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The 650 Georgetown/Scott County Chamber of Commerce business members wish to welcome you to our most accommodating community; a populace known for its world class automotive manufacturing and its world renown equine businesses and horse farms. We are a “BUSINESS FRIENDLY COMMUNITY” and our history of quality growth proves the proposition – where else would one like to make their home and grow their business. Whether you’re visiting for the weekend, in the process of relocating for business, retirement or to attend one of our area’s many activities, you will find Georgetown/Scott County eager to welcome you and make your stay truly enjoyable.. Because of our exemplary leadership, we are shaping our future with expanded infrastructure, manufacturing and retail development, education, and recreation. Why not come join us? After all, Georgetown/Scott County is the greatest place in the world to live.

Jack Conner, Executive Director Georgetown/Scott County Chamber of Commerce


"To promote the economic growth of our businesses, maintain and enhance the quality of life of our community and to encourage community involvement of our membership".

The Georgetown / Scott County Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit business organization which has been involved in the community since 1959.

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