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If you could take all of the magic and mystique that makes the Bluegrass memorable, and distill it into one beautiful, easily accessible location, you would wind up with something very much like… Georgetown, Kentucky and Scott County.

A Kentucky Treasure

To learn more about our community, click on one of the videos below.

Historic Georgetown

A wonderful depiction of Georgetown and the surrounding area: Titled “My Hometown”.

A Place to Call Home

A beautiful setting, a thriving business environment, a great place to have fun with friends and fun.

Georgetown College

“The Georgetown College Difference” provides insight into what makes Georgetown College unique.

our home, our community


Native-peoples have lived, hunted, and fished along the lush and temperate banks of Elkhorn Creek in what is now Scott County for at least 15,000 years. In particular, the Adena culture (800 B.C. – 800 A.D.) thrived in the area, with several significant Adena mounds still marking their presence. 


Review a list of local utility companies in the area.  


From Emergency Services to State Entities, please find a listing of comprehensive services in the area.  

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The Georgetown-Scott County Regional Airport (27K) is conveniently located just 5 miles east of Georgetown, KY. and is just a short 20 minute drive to Lexington, KY and Paris, KY. The airport is located within minutes of interstates I-64 and I-75 for easy access to Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. 


A listing of Georgetown, Scott County and Sadieville Adminstrative Offices, along with State and National Governmental contact information.


Georgetown is the perfect location to discover genuine Kentucky treasures. Explore relics of Georgetown’s spirited past at Ward Hall. Uncover the religious origins of the Cardome Centre and St. Francis de Sales Mission. Everywhere you look, you’ll find Southern architecture, antiques and museum artifacts. Each location weaves a tale of history, mystery or cultural uniqueness. Treasures for the entire family; treasures you will find nowhere else.

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